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We offer various types of documentation that may be needed for record keeping, insurance purposes, exportation etc.

For relocation and especially export, we offer a Veterinary Health Certificate on animals we have captured identifying the animals (eartags, microchips) and listing the treatment we have administered. Furthermore, we will state the health condition of the animals at the time of examination.

Following a post mortem examination we provide a Post Mortem Report describing our findings which may be submitted to an insurance company.

We can also provide ID cards for wild animals. This is mainly used when we immobilize animals and measure their horns and/or examine their pregnancy status. We certify the measurements/pregnancy status and provide photos taken during examination. This may then be used to follow the development of an animal, or to verify the animal in the case of buying/selling. Please ask us about ID cards for your specific job.



To assist you in your work, we have created several PDF articles which are free to download. Click on the PDF or title above to open it, we hope they are of interest to you!


Here you find some newsletters with updates on our work. Click on the PDF to open it. If you would like to receive our newsletters per email, please contact us and we put you on our email-list.

December 2017 In this newsletter you can read more about our DRC adventure, the courses that we present, and our new assistant Mariska introduces herself.

June 2018 In this newsletter we tell you more about a rhino calf that was found without his mother. Quite a challenge to raise such an animal! We also explain more about rhino dehorning.

September 2018 In this newsletter we give you more information about the infectious disease anthrax. Furthermore you can read about the flehmen response, and what to do (and NOT to do) when transporting wildlife.

March 2018 In this newsletter we explain and show you how we translocated animals from Namibia to the DRC. We als give an update on how the animals are doing a year later.

July 2018 In this newsletter you can read about hoof care and our ultrasound machine. We also go deeper into our capture procedure, why do we do certain things? We hope this gives a better understanding about the logic behind our actions.

October 2018 In this newsletter you can read about the ending game capture season, and about a couple of odd rabies cases we had. Please be vigilant towards animals showing rabies signs! We also give a summary of how change influences feeding behaviour

May 2018 In this newsletter we give more info on rabies in Namibia. You can also read more about our new Wildlife Vets Namibia game dealers license, and about our latest DRC trip.

August 2018 In this newsletter we proudly explain how we flew rhinos and reintroduced them back into the western part of the DRC. You can also read more about elephant vaccination, and how we treated a shot rhino.

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