We offer various types of documentation that may be needed for record keeping, insurance purposes, exportation etc.


For relocation and especially export, we offer a Veterinary Health Certificate on animals we have captured identifying the animals (eartags, microchips) and listing the treatment we have administered. Furthermore, we will state the health condition of the animals at the time of examination.


Following a post mortem examination we provide a Post Mortem Report describing our findings which may be submitted to an insurance company.


We can also provide ID cards for wild animals. This is mainly used when we immobilize animals and measure their horns and/or examine their pregnancy status. We certify the measurements/pregnancy status and provide photos taken during examination. This may then be used to follow the development of an animal, or to verify the animal in the case of buying/selling. Please ask us about ID cards for your specific job.




To assist you in your work, we have created several PDF-files which are free to download. Click on the PDF to open it, we hope they are of interest to you!


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