The translocation of wild animals involves the capture of the animals, transporting them and settling them down in a new environment. We specialize in both capture, transport and translocation of game, including high value species. Wildlife Vets Namibia has an unlimited game dealers' licence, meaning we can translocate all species, including elephants and rhinos. Over the years we have gained much experience in game capture and translocations which, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced capture team, ensures successful capture and translocation operations.     

Mass capture 

Plastic bomas are the most widely used method of mass capture in southern Africa, and can be used to capture most species. We do no longer do mass captures ourselves, but we facilitate and assist selected game capture teams. The main advantage of using bomas is that human-animal contact is minimized, and a herd can be captured and transported as a single entity.

For both boma capture and dart work we work with specialized wildlife helicopter pilots. The animals are herded into the mouth of the boma by the helicopter. Once the animals are in, plastic sheets behind them are closed, leading the animals towards a solid-sided crush and up to a loading ramp, into our specialized wildlife trucks. We inject the animals with a long-acting sedative, which keeps them calm during transport.


We have four specialized wildlife trucks, five wildlife trailers (including a giraffe/rhino recovery trailer) and nine specialized wildlife containers. Since 2020 we also have our own specialized elephant transport crates, and wake-up crate. We can thus be of assistance in any wildlife transport. Over the years we have gained experience in translocating all kinds of species, from the African elephant to small antelopes, within Namibia or abroad.

Import and export

We are able to import and export game from outside Namibia. We have years of experience with importing and exporting game from and to South-Africa and Angola. In 2017 we successfully started to export animals into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by ship and airplane. Our aim for this project is to restock reserves depleted of wildlife in the DRC. Before exporting any animals, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of e.g. habitat, food availability, diseases, fences, species selection and possible problems to ensure the animals will thrive in their new habitat. 

We can assist in arranging all the necessary permits for you.

On our YouTube channel you can see a few videos of some of the long-distance translocations we did, such as to Angola and to the DRC (plains game and elephants per ship and rhinos per plane). 

Wildlife trucks and trailers_Wildlife Vets Namibia
Translocation blue wildebeest_Wildlife Vets Namibia
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Trucks and trailers_Wildlife Vets Namibia
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Trucks in Angola
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