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February 2023

Read about red velvet mites and about habitat management and debushing. 

January 2023

Happy 2023! Read about Measles in game and livestock, skin conditions in game and our regional WhatsApp groups. 

December 2017

Read about our DRC adventure, courses that we present, and our new assistant introduces herself.

April 2018

Expanding Horizons! Read about how we translocated animals from Namibia to a new reserve in the DRC.

June 2018

Read about the challenges of raising an orphaned rhino calf, and  about dehorning.

July 2018

Read about hoof care, our ultrasound machine and capture procedure.

August 2018

Read about our rhino translocation to the DRC (per plane), elephant vaccination, and how we treated a shot rhino.

October 2018

Read about the ending game capture season, some odd rabies cases we had, and how feeding behaviour is influenced.

December 2018

Read about horns, and we reflect back on 2018..


Special Introduction Newsletter

We regularly sent out newsletters and articles to our clients, where we discuss diseases, game- and veld management practices, jobs we have done etc. By doing so we hope to educate and to empower game farmers. We thought you might be interested in this as well, hence  this special newsletter.

May 2018

Read about rabies in Namibia, our new game dealers license, and about our latest DRC trip.

September 2018

Read about anthrax, the flehmen response, and what (NOT) to do when transporting wildlife.

November 2018

Read about the advantages of a pre-release boma, our Angola trip, and shiny eyes.


January 2019

Happy 2019! Read about Foot & Mouth disease, purring and roaring lions, and ear notches in rhino.

February 2019

Read about the clicking sounds in eland, rabies in rhinos and our Post-Mortem course.

March 2019

Read about zebra stripes, vaccination of wildlife and our Post-Mortem course.

April 2019

Read about how to manage your game during a drought and elephant feet.

May 2019

Read about how to hold an immobilized antelope correctly and how these drugs work, and the rhino bot fly.

June 2019

Read about the female hyena, rhino nutrition and our elephant translocation to the DRC.

July 2019

Read about our regional WhatsApp groups, zebra stripes and birth control in lions.

August 2019

Read about the beneficial effects of supplemental maize during the drought, and sand ingestion & impaction.

September 2019

Read about pre-orbital glands, a roan with a tape worm cyst, and our latest DRC trip.

October 2019

Read about Eyeplane, the new acacia name and a training we did at CCF.

November 2019

Read about how cats land on their feet, an interesting PM case and our latest Angola trip.

December 2019

Read about how the first rains can cause problems, the Osananga lily (slangkop) and we reflect back on 2019.


January 2020

Happy 2020! Read about heat adaptations in animals, corneal ulcers and rabies/anthrax labels.

February 2020

Read about the elephant's trunk, the diversity of hooves, photosensitivity and the Wildlife Para-Professional weekend.

March 2020

Read about COVID-19 in pets, a vultures' stomach, cat vaccines and our Post-Mortem course.

April 2020

Read about PM case discussions, the Swakop elephant translocation and

CCF’s carnivore conflict support field station.

May 2020

Read about the fascinating chameleon's tongue, African Swine Fever and the driving forces behind quality trophy production. 

June 2020

Read about the amazing pangolin's tongue, pica behaviour and animals and cold spells. 

July 2020

Read about our new animal crime scene course, minerals and free vet books.

August 2020

Read about camouflage in animals, and our latest article on herd immunity in rabies and COVID-19.

September 2020

Read about how an MRI scan works, and we discuss how vaccination leads to immunity.

October 2020

Read about giraffe sounds, cyanobacteria and body condition in antelope.

December 2020

Read about our year overview of 2020, and the game translocations we did to Angola. 


January 2021

Happy 2021! Read about sweaty hippos, our courses, vaccines and the latest FMD outbreak.

February 2021

Read about theOmajowa, the courses that we offer, and the rather nasty Putzi (or mango) fly.

March 2021

Read about moths and butterflies, our new vaccination cards, the Animal crime scene course and Lumpy Skin Disease

April 2021

Read about warthy warthogs, snake bites in pets and our Post-Mortem and Animal crime scene courses.

May 2021

Read about running ostriches, Pasteurellosis and feline spay and castration.  

June 2021

Read about Covid-19, and how you can help animals to get through the cold weather. 

July 2021

Read about our WhatsApp groups, a parasite infection in a horses' eye and bone healing.

August 2021

Read about the fire that injured Ulf, and our latest DRC game translocation.

October 2021

Read about porcupine quills, and animal burn victims and first aid.

November 2021

Read about shedding snakes, broken horns in antelopes and our game translocation to Angola. 

December 2021

Read about sticky geckos, our courses for next year, and our year overview. 


In this Angolan newsletter, meant for farmers and other interested people in Angola, we explain in Portuguese why elands make a ‘clicking sound’ when they walk, the advantages of game farming, and we introduce ourselves and what we do. 

Neste boletim informativo angolano, direccionado a produtores e a outras pessoas interessadas em Angola, explicamos em português a razão pela qual os elandes fazem um som de “clique” quando andam, as vantagens da produção de animais selvagens, e apresentamo-nos e explicamos o que fazemos.


As a service to the Angolan (game) farmer we decided to write a newsletter in Portuguese, where we strive to inform you on a multitude of wildlife related topics. We feel that it is essential that people make educated decisions, be it in game farming and or livestock.

Como serviço aos produtores angolanos, decidimos escrever um Boletim Informativo em português, onde nos esforçamos por informá-lo acerca de uma série de tópicos relacionados com a vida selvagem. Achamos que é essencial as pessoas tomarem decisões informadas, quer seja na produção de animais selvagens ou de gado.

In this newsletter you can learn more about pre-orbital glands in animals, lumpy skin disease, and we share our latest Angola game translocation story to the Cuatir Conservation Project.

Nesta edição do Boletim Informativo pode aprender acerca das glândulas pré-orbitais dos animais, da doença Dermatose Nodular Contagiosa (Lumpy Skin Disease), e partilhamos ainda a história da nossa mais recente translocação de animais selvagens para Angola, para o Projecto de Conservação Cuatir.


February 2022

Read about pronking springbuck, our Animal Crime Scene and Evidence Handling course, and what to do against a high tick-burden on your farm. 

March 2022

Read about spotted hyenas, our regional WhatsApp-groups, the Wildlife Para-Professional Weekend 2022 and our Animal Crime Scene course at Etango Ranch.

April 2022

Read about the waterbuck's bum, and an interesting case we had about a eland heifer with bottle jaw. 

May 2022

Read about our latest article: 'Animals and cold weather' our courses we did and the differences between our two dart guns. 

June 2022

Read about the tortoise shell, a case discussion of a PM examination of a roan heifer, and brown hyena immobilization in the Sperrgebiet.

July 2022

Read about why hippos can't swim, our recently held post-Mortem course and a sable with a tapeworm cyst. 

August 2022

Read about spiral horns, how animals see the world, and kudu/eland rabies vaccinations. 

September 2022

Read about why immobilized antelopes need to be kept sternal, our recent DRC game translocation and the rhino horn trade.

October 2022

Read about how chameleons change colours, intervertebral disc disease, game capture season and how farmers deal with poaching cases.

November 2022

Read about how zebras can stand while sleeping, the pulse oximeter and the poisenous plant the Osananga Lilly - Slangkop. 

December 2022

Read about our year overview of 2022, and the Angola game translocations we did in the last few months. We wish you a wonderful Christmas!

January 2022

Happy 2022! Read about our regional WhatsApp groups and courses, sleeping animals and giraffes and their browse lines.